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Samara Klein is the principal attorney of The Klein Law Firm. She brings to the firm more than 20 years of experience as an attorney, leader and advocate in the nonprofit community. Our firm offers expertise in disability and healthcare advocacy, as well as legal support and consulting for nonprofit organizations and businesses.


Firm Philosophy

The philosophy of The Klein Law Firm is to work with clients in a collaborative manner to try to find a peaceful resolution to issues to reduce any present and future antagonism. Ms. Kleinís experience allows her to look at a case from all angles to find the solution with the greatest benefit
while still protecting clients' rights.

Special Education/Disability Law

The Klein Law Firm offers experience successfully advocating for individuals with disabilities throughout Missouri, in the metro Kansas City area, and in the United States. Ms. Klein has represented parents under the Individuals with Disabilities in Education Act (IDEA) and served as an administrative judge for four years in IDEA cases.The Firm also offers experience and knowledge of other disability laws, including mental health parity laws, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and laws involving guardianships and conservatorships.

Healthcare: Advocacy for Insurance Benefits/Affordable Care Act

The Klein Law firm also offers specialized expertise in the health care arena. The Firm can help individuals, businesses and health care providers learn how to ensure maximum coverage for health benefits. We can also guide businesses and nonprofits to both comply and benefit from the Affordable Care Act. As the executive director and co-founder of a nonprofit organization advocating for health care benefits, Ms. Klein gained extensive knowledge of the healthcare system and how to get health insurance to reimburse families and providers for needed care previously denied.

Nonprofit Support 

Building your Internal Strength:  Our firm understands how to help your nonprofit comply with the law, while also supporting the mission of your work. As a lawyer who has also been the executive director of a nonprofit organization, Ms. Klein is uniquely qualified to offer support to nonprofit organizations. This includes helping organizations gain 501(c)(3) status, writing and revising bylaws, drafting and reviewing contracts and conducting board training.


Empowering you to Improve Policy: Once your nonprofit has the right structure in place, the Klein Law Firm can help your organization analyze, develop, and advocate to improve policies. We can help you educate policymakers and conduct direct and grassroots lobbying. We can also help you improve the way public agencies, employers and the public at large understands and responds to your concerns.

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